Empower students to bookmark the most important content on their learning journeys.

Bookmarker is your gateway to..

Improved learning outcomes
By saving important information, you’ll be able to review it more easily later, which can help you to better understand the material and improve your learning outcomes.
Increased efficiency
No more wasting time searching for important information. With a bookmarker tool, you can quickly and easily find what you need.
Enhanced personalisation
You can personalise your learning experience by adding your own notes and reflections to your bookmarks.

Seamlessly integrated with your existing LMS

Effortless bookmarking

Highlight, tag, and annotate with intuitive clicks and keyboard shortcuts, directly within your LMS interface.

Lightning-fast recall

Find any bookmarked point, regardless of course or topic, with our powerful search bar and intelligent filters.

Organised knowledge kingdom

Create custom folders, categorise by topic, and build a clear roadmap to understanding.

Offline access

Review your bookmarks anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Stay on top of your learning, even on the go.

Progress tracking

Monitor your learning journey and identify areas for further review. Visualise your knowledge growth and celebrate your achievements.

Integration magic

Showcase seamless integration with the LMS platform. Show how users can bookmark directly from lesson content, access bookmarks within the LMS interface, and seamlessly transfer between them.

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