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What is Faculty?

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Curio provides the highest quality facilitators and SMEs across a myriad of subjects to help you scale your education programs.

For labour hire

We provide subject matter experts to, reduce the workload for your team, and get you to market faster.

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Scaling learning and development starts with the right people

We provide institutions and OPMs with facilitators on demand, allowing you to scale teaching and learning in response to opportunities and challenges. Our service fits within existing delivery models and governance structures, meaning rapid deployment of facilitators as the need arises. We have a bank of over 15,000+ facilitators and subject matter experts across a wide range of in-demand subject areas. Our experts have a deep understanding of the subject matter, applied knowledge in industry and online teaching experience. All facilitators are required to complete mandatory training and benefit from performance coaching and membership of a vibrant, online community of practice.

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RMIT Online has partnered with Curio for many years to create a community of world-class online facilitators for our higher education degrees. This enduring partnership has enabled us to craft tailored solutions that harmonise with our strategic objectives, evolving them as needed through organisational change. The insights and guidance from the Curio team have been invaluable in advancing our standards of online teaching excellence. The team have proved unwavering dedication and commitment to client success, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations.

Nic Cola – CEO, RMIT Online

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For labour hire

We provide subject matter experts to, reduce the workload for your team, and get you to market faster.

For labour hire

Find work you love that fits your lifestyle

Curio helps educators find opportunities at leading universities, further education and training providers. Whether you’re looking for teaching experience while you study, or to continue doing what you love after retirement. Speed up job hunting with access to a range of facilitator and subject matter expert education positions.

What are people saying about us

Clients testimonials

Working with the Curio has been an exceptionally enriching experience, characterized by a profound commitment to not only enhancing student outcomes but also fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation. The faculty’s genuine passion for education is palpable in every discussion, project, and initiative they undertake. This enthusiasm extends beyond traditional teaching methods, as they are ardently engaged in exploring and incorporating emerging digital pedagogies into their curriculum.

One of the most commendable aspects of the Curio is their collaborative spirit. The exchange of ideas and best practices is not just encouraged but is a cornerstone of their operational ethos. This approach has facilitated a dynamic and supportive educational community where knowledge and resources are freely shared, significantly enriching the learning experience for both students and educators alike.

Furthermore, their dedication to improving student outcomes is evident in their meticulous approach to pedagogical innovation. The faculty members are not just adopters of new teaching technologies and methodologies; they are pioneers, frequently contributing to the body of knowledge on digital pedagogy. Their willingness to experiment with and share emerging digital tools and teaching strategies has been instrumental in preparing students to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In conclusion, the Curio embodies the ideal of academic collaboration and innovation. Their passion for education, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence in digital pedagogy, makes them not just outstanding educators but also invaluable contributors to the broader academic community. Working with them has been a truly inspiring experience, offering a glimpse into the future of higher education—a future that is inclusive, innovative, and infinitely promising for students and educators alike.

Thomas Bierly – Lecturer

Having had the privilege to work with Curio as a course designer, subject matter expert, and facilitator for several years, I have always admired the company’s commitment to integrating creativity, care, and empathy within every learning experience. The team’s dedication to creating effective learning solutions has made my work fulfilling and positively impacted countless learners.

Jonas Christensen – Founder, Leaders of Analytics

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Curio provides high quality online facilitators across a range of subjects to help you scale your online programs.

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