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Strategic assessment, analysis, advice and guidance for organisations at all stages of their development as a provider of education.

Our dedicated team of education professionals is committed to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of educational institutions, educators, and students alike. From curriculum design and teacher training to cutting-edge educational technology solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the modern education sector. Explore how our consultancy, development, and support services can elevate your educational experience, fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment for both learners and educators. Welcome to a brighter future in education, where excellence is our standard.

About Curio Professional Services

Strategy & Market Analysis

Understand your competitive advantage and how to compete globally

Strategy is where it all begins. We provide insights rooted in research which support the right strategic choices and help education providers, corporates and professional bodies to understand their competitive advantage, articulate their offering and bring it to market.

We will help you:

Capability & Skills Consulting

We help develop culture through the lens of learning and development

Change that prioritises people.

As technology becomes more and more pervasive in our organisational structures, it’s critical to prioritise people when it comes to leading. This means filtering leadership and organisational decisions through the lens of how it helps improve the lives of the people your organisation serves, and the people who work within the organisation.

We take a human-centred, data-informed, approach to thinking about how organisations get things done. We work with executives to set their purpose and develop options for how they organise themselves to achieve it.

Application Development

Services that engage learners throughout their learning journey

We understand the challenges of service delivery in education. We apply our experience to create services which are easy to access and deliver, and which put students at the centre of the journey.

With end-to-end expertise on all aspects of the student journey, we look at every touchpoint and application and establish what is working, what is missing, and what needs to be changed. We research and develop a deep understanding of current users’ needs, journeys and pain points, unlocking insights to help design exceptional service experiences across multiple channels and systems.

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