K-12 education: schools and teachers

When we think of education, we generally think of school. Although most schools were designed for the world of last century, they are moving now faster than ever. Students increasingly learn outside of a classroom, at their own pace with the teacher as facilitator. Technology enables us to enrich learning and bring in expertise and experiences from beyond the classroom.

Who we serve

Strategic advice to leading independent schools

Curio works in schools and systems, with teachers and leaders to drive change in learning (pedagogy), teaching practice and technology. We bring a strong digital lens to inform future practice.

Over the last few years, we have worked with many independent school boards and school leaders on a variety of projects from the development and articulation of school strategies and business plans, to leading broad stakeholder consultations on school initiatives and plans including working with students, parents, teachers, and leaders.

Design, development and facilitation of teacher professional learning

Curio brings our expertise in learning design and development to learning and teaching itself. In our opinion, if we are going to improve student learning in our schools then we must improve the quality of learning and teaching itself. Curio works with professional learning providers such as universities and standards authorities.

Partnerships to develop the future skills of students

Our schools focus on academic skills and knowledge, but increasingly our world requires students to graduate with a broader skillset. These future or transferable skills can include everything from money management to career management, communication skills to working in teams, entrepreneurship to design thinking skills.

Curio partners with schools and other providers like Student Edge to design and develop these new learning experiences. Bringing in industry relevance, we blueprint these short courses with age appropriate tasks and activities and then connect them to real-world usage. 

Creation of a homework tool for a leading independent school

Schools, like many other organisations, are amid digital disruption. What was once driven more by consumers and students is now driven by teachers. They seek to improve their work experience and use digital tools to ease or automate their workload.

Curio has worked with several schools to build bespoke web applications that improve teaching and learning productivity. We customised the Canvas LMS for Barker College in Sydney to include the ability for teachers to create homework events in student calendars. This new functionality significantly improves the time it takes for teachers to allocate homework and its due dates and makes it easier for students (and parents) to see what is coming up immediately. The days of having everything due at once are no more.