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A high quality learning experience for education students at Santa Clara University

A high quality learning experience for education students at Santa Clara University

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Santa Clara University’s School of Education was working on a new online version of its Masters Programme in Teaching to be launched in the fall of 2023. This programme is being produced in response to the growing demand for a flexible option for students wishing to study and to receive a teaching credential at the same time. 

The School of Education had existing content but did not feel that the experience of the students was optimised by their existing LMS. Santa Clara was looking to develop an exceptional brand in the market, and to have the online experience of the students match the exacting characteristics of learning undertake on campus.

Curio’s design process starts with your learners in mind. Curio’s teaching and learning experts  worked with senior stakeholders at Santa Clara and our UX/UI team, to create a customised online learning environment designed to best support the needs of their learners. 

Curio’s award-winning learning design team created a digital environment for students which represented the history and tradition of Santa Clara University and created a learning environment evocative of the Santa Clara campus. The architecture, history and values of Santa Clara’s campus has been warmly reflected in the online environment. The Curio-designed Canvas template incorporates leading teaching and learning principles, adding customised components for a personalised student experience which maximises student engagement.

In addition, there were further requirements which needed to be met when it came to the requirements for teaching accreditation at the state level. This required the capacity to annotate content and build up a portfolio of reflective content which documented the learner’s development, which needed to be submitted for State records. Curio worked with Santa Clara’s team of senior stakeholders to develop this functionality to fulfill their requirement, as well as to integrate with their existing technology stack.

In order to help create a quality digital learning environment for Santa Clara’s students and ensure that the regulatory requirements can be met, Curio worked with senior staff to design a personalised LMS template that reflects Santa Clara’s values and history and utilised The Learning Journal, to enable the learners to document their journey as educators, and enabled the school to fulfill its regulatory requirement.   

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