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Canvas Template Design and Development

Canvas Template Design and Development

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Executive summary 

Unity Environmental University has partnered with Curio Group to enhance its online learning platform. The collaboration aimed to elevate their Canvas LMS by creating innovative features and a modern interface that enabled student success. Through a series of UX/UI workshops and co-design sessions, both entities pushed boundaries, resulting in an exceptionally beautiful and functional learning experience. The outcomes included a significant uplift of courses, a revamped LMS aligning with the university’s brand, and pioneering functionalities within the Canvas platform.

Client background 

Unity Environmental University, transitioning from Unity College, sought to revamp its online and on-campus learning experiences. They aimed to design and deliver an innovative LMS that supported student success, ensured learners had adequate support and sign-posted, and ensured that courses followed a well-designed, consistent layout.
This redevelopment required an overhaul of their existing Canvas LMS and the creation of multiple new features to ensure Unity’s learners were supported in ways that met their needs and that Unity’s new brand and market position were matched by the new LMS design.



Canvas Template Design and Development


Challenges and objectives 

  • Unity Environmental University was looking for an innovative learning environment to engage learners and drive knowledge acquisition. They wanted an LMS experience beyond what Canvas could offer. 
  • Unity sought a modern, student-centric platform with improved functionality to support student success, seamless navigation, and timely access to course materials.

Solution provided 

Curio Group collaborated with Unity to conduct workshops focusing on UX/UI, aesthetics, and aligning with the university’s evolving brand. By leveraging their expertise and innovative approaches, they enhanced the Canvas LMS, pushing the boundaries of its native functionalities.


Canvas Template Design and Development


Results and Impact 

  • Over 80–90 courses were uplifted within a span of 2.5 months, aligning with the new Canvas template.
  • The revamped LMS not only matched the university’s branding but also provided an entirely new user experience, delighting users.
  • Functionalities were prioritised, ensuring students had timely information, alerts, and a coordinated work system.

The synergistic collaboration between Unity Environmental University and Curio Group resulted in an exceptional Canvas LMS uplift, addressing the challenges faced in creating an engaging and efficient learning platform. For similar transformative results in your educational institution, consider how our expertise and innovative solutions can benefit your organisation.


This case study demonstrates how collaboration and innovative thinking can revolutionise educational platforms, fostering a conducive environment for student success and engagement. 

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