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Custom Canvas template for University of Sydney’s Arrivals Program

Custom Canvas template for University of Sydney’s Arrivals Program

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The University of Sydney has seen incredible results from the International Arrivals Program since its launch. A dedicated Arrivals Program team, supported by a multitude of stakeholders across the University, Study NSW, NSW Government, and FCM Travel, have worked tirelessly in a continuously changing environment to ensure that students receive the support they require as they navigate the complex world of travelling to Australia amidst a global pandemic.

Student engagement throughout the Arrivals Program has been paramount to ensure the support provided meets the ever-changing needs of offshore students.

The University took a three-pronged approach to student engagement, with information sessions and webinars, customised communications, and most importantly, a dedicated Canvas site. The primary means of student engagement has been the dedicated Canvas Site, launched in November of 2021, as a central hub to provide all offshore students with immediate updates and necessary information as government travel restrictions continues to evolve.

The team employed the services of Curio to develop the Canvas site, which consisted of three separate modules; providing staggered information and support throughout the complex journey, ensuring an optimised student experience.

Curio was tasked with developing an online experience in Canvas that supports international students navigate the large amounts of information required to travel back to Australia. We achieved our aim of creating a seamless student experience by leveraging and extending the use of Canvas to manage the release of content and student cohorts.

Curio created several custom Canvas integrations to stagger the student flow through the course. This allowed for students to have a clear understanding of where they were in the process and what they still needed to do to be eligible to return to study on campus. This process guided students from discovery, the application process right through to departure.

We designed and developed a custom course template to visually enhance the information that was communicated to students. The design allowed students to not only indicate their interest in participating in the Arrivals Program but also detail any roadblocks they may be facing in returning to Australia. The template included progress indicators, breadcrumbs, quick links, large imagery and bold visuals.

Additional custom development included a glossary tool to highlight key terms and concepts to help guide the mostly international cohort through the application process.

Just three months after launch the dedicated International Arrivals Program Canvas site has had 930,534 total page views and 15,800 unique students visit the Course Home page, and 11,600 unique students use the glossary tool.


Student testimonials received reflected the success of the Arrivals Program to ensure the best student experience for international students wanting to regain the opportunity to experience the full potential of university education through in person learning.

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