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Employability micro-credentials for Australian Technology Network

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The Australian Technology Network (ATN) is a group of six universities with a shared mission that includes producing job ready graduates. In 2021, Curio successfully designed and delivered a collaboratively career-focused course comprising three micro-credentials to each of the six institutions. “Designing your Future” commenced as a collaboration with Stanford University and Curio successfully designed and developed an online opportunity available to thousands of students.

Curio learning designers, consulting with a group of subject matter experts from across the ATN network and Stanford, produced a shared curriculum blueprint and detailed storyboards for each topic in a series of life design modules.

The Curio digital team brought the course to life with course assets including video, branded templates and integrated tools. Curio guided the stakeholders and its members on online learning pedagogy through a curriculum steering group, and digital and technical solutions through leading a technology steering group. The outcome is a highly regarded series of online, professionally designed and developed and available across a range of LMS.

Students learn a range of techniques to assess and develop their goals and strengths including goal setting, creating a personal career road map and understanding how to build a digital presence. Many of these are interactive elements, as well as watching live examples of others completing similar tasks. Students complete skills assessments, try their hand at drawing models, and upload content for a variety of peer and machine feedback from experts that help gauge their confidence in applying these theories to themselves.

Notable, this course has an emphasis on positive mindset and development, so tasks designed to encourage resilience in an engaging way were prominent. These included thinking and reflecting tasks, mindfulness, as well as conducting an audit of motivations, attitudes, and emotions while in the online experience, and journaling these.


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