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Development of a five-year education strategy

Development of a five-year education strategy

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Executive summary 

This case study examines the strategic education initiative developed by the Curio Group for CPA Australia, aimed at overhauling and future-proofing their educational offerings. Facing the challenges of a rapidly evolving accounting landscape marked by technological advancements and changing market demands, CPA Australia collaborated with the Curio Group to revitalise its education framework. 

The Curio Group’s strategy focused on several pivotal areas: identifying future-focused capabilities essential for modern accountants, reinventing professional development through micro-credentials and on-demand assessments, and establishing a Digital Learning Ecosystem (DLE) to enhance educational delivery. A key aspect was the personalisation of learning experiences, leveraging data analytics and machine learning to tailor educational content to individual member needs. 

The renewed CPA Program aligns with higher education offerings, integrating industry-recognised credentials into accredited degrees. This strategic move ensures operational excellence and continuous refinement of the DLE, aligning with the member education division’s target operating model. 

The outcome of this collaboration is a robust, future-ready education strategy that positions CPA Australia at the forefront of accounting education. By embracing technology and focusing on personalised, industry-aligned learning, CPA Australia ensures its members are well-equipped for emerging challenges and opportunities in the accounting profession. This case study highlights the Curio Group’s effective response to complex educational challenges, setting a new standard in professional development and learning.


Client background 

CPA Australia, a professional accounting body, recognised the need to evolve its educational offerings to stay relevant and effective in a rapidly changing professional landscape. Their objective was to develop a strategy that catered to future demands in the accounting profession, ensuring their members remained competitive and well-equipped for emerging challenges and opportunities.



Challenges and objectives 

The field of accounting is experiencing significant changes due to technological advancements, changing market demands, and evolving professional roles. This creates a complex challenge for CPA Australia to not only update its educational content but also to revolutionise its delivery methods and pedagogical approaches. The strategy needed to address these dynamic conditions while maintaining the integrity and high standards of the CPA designation.


Solution provided 

Curio Group devised a multifaceted education strategy for CPA Australia, focusing on several key areas:

  • Identifying Future-Focused Capabilities: Research and analysis into future skill requirements and developing a future-focused capability framework.
  • Reconceptualising Professional Development: Introducing Micro-Credentials for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and On-Demand Assessments.
  • Digital Learning Ecosystem (DLE): Developing a fit-for-purpose DLE to enhance member education delivery.
  • Personalisation of Learning: Utilising data analytics and machine learning to create personalised learning experiences.
  • Renewing the CPA Program: Aligning the CPA program with new higher education offerings and embedding industry-recognised credentials within accredited degrees.
  • Operational Excellence: Continuously refining the DLE and implementing the member education division’s target operating model.



Results and Impact 

The strategy positions CPA Australia as a leader in accounting education, adapting to future trends, and meeting the evolving needs of its members. The focus on personalised learning, embracing technology, and aligning with industry needs ensures that CPA Australia’s members are well-prepared for future challenges in the accounting profession.

This case study demonstrates how Curio Group’s comprehensive and forward-thinking approach effectively addressed the complex challenges faced by CPA Australia in revamping its educational strategy. The project not only anticipates future trends in accounting but also integrates innovative learning technologies to provide a more engaging, relevant, and effective educational experience for CPA Australia’s members.

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