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Creation and delivery of nanoMOOCs hosted in Canvas

Creation and delivery of nanoMOOCs hosted in Canvas

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The Assessment Research Centre (ARC) is a leading research unit, with a focus on improving assessments, reporting, and credentialing in universities and industry. Through a program of research, commercialisation, teaching and engagement, the Centre aims to solve challenges that face education and training providers. Part of this work involves the creation and delivery of nanoMOOCs, short self-directed courses hosted in the University’s Canvas instance. These courses help educators adopt ARC programs and approaches. The ARC seeks to offer an exceptional teacher experience leveraging the full functionality of a Canvas template with easy-to-use Navigation and a reimagining of the information architecture of these short courses. Curio partnered with ARC to provide:
  • Fully customisable template for educators to be able to customise visual elements and layouts
  • A newly imagined course architecture to help guide the students in an intuitive way to their study goals
  • Custom UI components that provide at a glance information to students relating to the students’ progress in the course
  • Custom rich ARC NannoMOOC branded visuals deployed throughout the template
  • Canvas training to ensure ARC staff are getting the most out of their Canvas experience
Throughout this process, we have worked in collaboration with the ARC team and have developed a tool and partnership that has achieved the desired outcome for both those delivering this content and the students receiving it.

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