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The University of Nottingham is a public university with campuses across the UK, China and Malaysia.

The University of Nottingham’s Quality Manual contains the University’s policies and regulations across each of its campuses. With a number of content editors across different schools and departments, the structure and contents of the manual had become unwieldly and difficult to navigate. The content had become increasingly littered with jargon and staff were struggling to find the information they needed. The University of Nottingham approached Curio with the challenge: “How might we group, label and structure the Quality Manual to make it more user-centred for students and staff?”.

Due to the Quality Manual’s size, the project occurred in stages. Across these stages, Curio partnered with the University of Nottingham to:

  • Work in tandem internal projects to improve the search function and page template designs;
  • Review the logic behind each category on the Quality Manual’s sitemap;
  • Identify priority scenarios to improve navigation and usability;
  • Conduct user testing with students and staff using an online tree testing solution to record how easy or difficult different pieces of content are to find; and
  • Make recommendations for changes to be made to the navigation, content labelling and grouping, along with a new recommended sitemap.

Curio’s provided thoroughly tested and evidenced recommendations ultimately provided a more user-centred and functional resource.

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