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Re-designing law courses for online learning in collaboration with subject matter experts

Re-designing law courses for online learning in collaboration with subject matter experts

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For a number of years, Curio has partnered with one of Australasia’s leading online universities which provides industry-led courses focused on the future of work, driven by industry partners at the forefront of their fields.

When it came to creating a Graduate Certificate in Law and Emerging Technology, they approached Curio with a classic problem: “How might we translate the common discursive experience of a law course into an asynchronous online course with insufficient availability of academic and learning design resource?”.

Curio’s operating model allowed collaboration through ‘hand-picked’ services – learning design expertise, provision of subject matter expertise and online delivery to achieve specific project objectives and goals.

Curio partnered with the university to:

  • Design and develop the online courses, with Curio learning architects and learning designers working closely with subject matter experts, internal university staff, and key industry partners
  • Engage students and develop their competency with the material by creating learning experiences that were articulated through assimilative, social, productive, experiential and meta-cognitive learning types
  • Prepare all learning materials in the client’s Canvas platform, in close cooperation with in-house educational technologists
  • Work closely with SMEs to ensure the learning materials followed best practices in pedagogy and online instruction for high engagement, whilst providing a rigorous learning experience grounded in the latest industry knowledge and trends
  • Provide online qualified and experienced facilitators to teach the three law courses across multiple teaching periods

Curio successfully delivered all courses to high standards on budget and within a demanding time frame. The Curio facilitators across the entire Graduate Certificate in Emerging Technology and Law received student evaluations in the 80-90 percentile for the university.

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