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Helping a global NGO reimagine the digital journeys of its stakeholders

Helping a global NGO reimagine the digital journeys of its stakeholders

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Our client was a large global NGO dedicated to ensuring as high a percentage as possible of the world’s fish are caught using sustainable practices. To be successful in their operations, they have to balance the needs and wants of widely disparate types of users, from influencing consumers to making the right choices, academics accessing and researching data about fisheries, through to complex interactions with internal systems by retailers, supply chain organisations, fisheries and auditors.   At the same time as embarking on a major new CRM implementation, they identified a need to understand how they could deploy digital tools connected to their datasets to build more effective relationships with their complex network of stakeholders. This project had the dual aims of improving the user experience at the same time as enhancing the internal capabilities of the organisation.  Through a series of workshops, we were able to build a picture of the current and aspirational journeys of the relevant stakeholder journeys and connect them to internal datasets and systems. This work then formed the basis of a collaborative product ideation phase to build out the user and technical requirements for their needs and provide a framework to measure their effectiveness.  The results of this significant stakeholder engagement led to a series of service journey maps which represented both the current and the ideal state for the stakeholders interacting with the NGO. These could be interpreted along the lines of different users or different technologies or datasets. Brought together they enabled the organisation to formulate a vision for digital success. 

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