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Uplifting the Canvas environment for the Howard Hughes Institute

Uplifting the Canvas environment for the Howard Hughes Institute

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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a not-for-profit philanthropic research and teaching organisation which aims to develop individuals in the sciences sector to achieve advances in the sciences.

Howard Hughes was looking for support to develop their Canvas LMS, to improve the presentation of their brand in the market and ensure that they had the look and feel to create a high-quality learner experience. Secondly, HHMI wanted to ensure that they had the right functionality in place to deliver the right pedagogy.  

Curio’s award-winning learning design team is well versed in online learning principles and practice, and brought both pedagogical expertise as well as their design nous to bear on the creation of HHMI’s new Canvas templates. Curio’s team undertook a creative, interactive workshop with HHMI stakeholders, working to define their brand and aesthetic preference, and matched that with the functionality necessary to support their student cohort. This design template was iterated upon, developed to fit with HHMI’s existing technical stack and deployed in 8 weeks.

Curio designers and developers have created and built an exceptional course template, to support existing learners through Howard Hughes’ courses, to optimise the learning experience and to create an easy to-use-template, designed for efficient development by HHMI’s existing Instructional Design team. 

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